RAMfit was founded in 2016 by JP Mone and Dermot MC Ardle. The company was founded on two important ideas: (1) making innovative, world class training products that are more durable and versatile than what is currently on the market; and (2) making these products from recycled materials.

Since that time, we’ve focused relentlessly on making our first product, that RAMroller, into the most effective roller in the world for injury prevention and sustaining peak performance, while selling them at an affordable price-point.

Our Product Development process is simple. When developing new products, we ask 4 key questions.

  1. Can the product be made from recycled materials?
  2. What problem does the product solve, why is it better, is it world class?
  3. Is the Product Easy to Use, Durable, and Versatile?
  4. How can we make the product visually appealing to the end user?
Recycled Materials and Extremely Durable0%
Solves a Unique Problem or is better than what is on the market0%
Easy to Use and Versatile0%


Dermot Mc Ardle

Creative Director

John Paul Mone

Chief Executive Officer

Gerry Duffy

General Manager

Anthony Loughman

Production Manager

Martin Mc Vicar