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Chris Bodman,Crossfit 

Joe Touchet, Movement Expert

Mark De Grasse, Fitness Consultant

Mike Mc Gurn, International Athlete Trainer and Olympic Coach

Mickey Mc Kenna, PT

Christine Mc Mahon, Sprinter

Billy Stokes, PT+Group Fitness

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Who Are We?

The RAMroller was developed by two guys in Ireland Dermot Mc Ardle JP Mone. The product sprung out of a problem they encountered in our own sport, Gaelic Football. Most of the Functional Training Equipment that we were using had to be replaced every year, which added huge cost to our clubs over time.


They set about developing an easy to use product, that could be used indoors or outdoors in any weather conditions, and would last the test of time. After many prototype and iterations, what emerged was the RAMroller.


When we gave the RAMroller to elite athletes and coaches to test out, the feed back was that in addition to being an excellent Functional Training Tool, it was also a world class roller, that could be used outdoors. Since that time, we’ve focused relentlessly on making the RAMroller in our own factory in Ireland, helping to create sustainable local jobs, while at the same time being able to sell them to the end user at an affordable price-point. This is something that we are extremely proud of.