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RAMroller | The Unbreakable Roller
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What is Unbreakable?

An Unbreakable Body is able to adapt quickly and be resilient to whatever life or sport throws at it. It is Lean, Loose, Strong, and Works as one Unit. Whether you are a Runner, a Footballer,a fighter, an OCR, a Triathlete, a Golfer, or just love fitness……you need the confidence of an Unbreakable Body

How Can The RAMroller Make You Unbreakable?

Life is hectic.Getting time to go to the gym or get a recovery massage is getting harder and harder. Yet, you beat yourself up for not performing at your best. Enter The RAMroller. In as little as 10 minutes a day, you can get the Unbreakable Body you need to be at your best. The RAMroller….

1- Gets Your Body Looser

Deep rolling and release routines using the RAMroller allows for proper warm ups and recovery, which will improve flexibility, prevent injury, increase power, and improve endurance

2 – Makes Your Core Stronger

Core Training with the RAMroller will improve balance and overall stability, making you able to move quicker, and stay going for longer

3 – Improves Your Strength and Power

Functional Strength training allows your body to be more efficient, by getting your muscles  working together better. This improves quickness, endurance, and overall power

4- Get Your Body Leaner

The RAMroller is ideal for HIIT indoors and Outdoors. HIIT is scientifically proven to burn Calories long after your workout, reducing your body fat %

5 – Builds Strength for your Sport

Develop strength and power specific to your sport, by utilising the durability and versatility of the RAMroller

6 – Improves Your Balance and Awareness

Combine the RAMroller with the RAMboard to perform balance exercises that will improve your core, focus, and overall body awareness


See In 60 Seconds What the RAMroller Can Do For you….

Mike Mc Gurn, Elite and Olympic Strength and Conditioning Coach

Only €39.99 – Includes Free Shipping, Lifetime Warranty, and 90 Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Physio Approved


“If we were only allowed to have one tool in our facility, the RAMroller would be it”

Mark Mc Cabe – Owner, Sports Med Ireland

“An Easy to use product and process that ANY athlete can use to geometrically improve their performance and reduce injury. Talen Singer , Villanova University Athletics

“The RAMroller integrated seamlessly into our facility, and our athletes love using them for rolling, and as part of our Workouts”

Chris Bodman, Crossfit737 

“A Simple tool but extremely powerful combination of functions. My Athletes love them”

Mike Mc Gurn,

“The RAMroller is a runners dream training tool. Deep release, Core exercises, and Functional training. It makes complete sense “

Christine Mc Mahon, International Sprinter  

“In the Army, our training has become much more functional. The RAMroller meets our needs perfectly, in all environments that we train in “

Jimmy Original ,  British Army  PT Corp

“Part of Our Speedflex Training includes rolling and functional training. We used to use sandbags and foam rollers, which always needed to be replaced. Now, we only use one tool, that never needs replacing. Genius “

Matt Bolam ,  Speedflex

Our Promise and Guarantee

Dermot Mc Ardle, Founder

The RAMroller was developed by 2 guys, Dermot Mc Ardle and JPMone, who were sick of having to replace their powerbags and sandbags year after year. There was no rocket science behind the product, it had to be a simple design, easy to use and IT HAD TO BE ABLE TO WITHSTAND THE HARSH IRISH WEATHER. When we gave it to Elite Athletes and Coaches, the feed back was that in addition to being a brilliant functional training tool, it was also a world class roller for myofascial release.. and the dual functionality was born. We make the RAMroller in our own factory, in Ireland, from recycled materials. Each RAMroller comes with a lifetime guarantee. If it ever breaks, we will replace it. The RAMroller is not for everybody, we understand that. We firmly believe that  It is only when you hold it, that most people ” Get It” . Taking this feedback on board, we now offer a 90 Day Trial period with every RAMroller we sell, and if at any time over those 90 days you feel like it’s not for you, we’ll pick it up and refund you your money. That’s our promise and guarantee.

Confused about rolling? We were too, so we decided to roll up our sleeves and do our own research.

Read Our  Non Sports Science Guide to ” How, Why, and When To Roll”

We want to make sure you get the most out of your RAMroller, so we will provide you with

20 Rolling and Release Exercise Videos

Easily use these exercises before during or after any training or workout to ensure maximum readiness

10 x 10 minute Core Workouts

These 10 minute core workouts can be used as part of a training session or as a stand alone workout. Will leave you feeling stronger and help you to perform more efficiently

Over 100 Functional Movement Exercise Videos

Our Library of Functional Movement Exercises means that no matter what your sport, you can easily pick the correct exercises that will help you move better, prevent injury, sustain peak performance


Bonus 1: The Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start allows you to start using your RAMroller immediately, and achieving your goals on day 1.


Bonus 2: The RAM Method Manual

This 80 Page Manual is what we use during our RAMroller Certification. This will give you an in depth knowledge about how to get the most from your RAMroller.


Bonus 3: 6 HIIT Workout Videos

These workouts will challenge your body in different ways, improving your endurance, strength, power, mobility and athleticism

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 13.19.30

Try It For 90 Days, Risk Free

Only €39.99 – Remember you get to try it for 90 days Risk Free + We pay the shipping and give a lifetime guarantee with your RAMroller