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Crush Your Next OCR Event By Following 3 RAMroller Workouts
Yancy Culp Uses With His Elite OCR Athletes

Why You Will Crush Your Next OCR Event……..

    • Use it as a roller to warm up and recover better, and get way more out of every training effort. Can even be used for rolling in wet conditions.


    • 4 Grip Variations means that you can train for the carrys, lifts, pushes, pull, and throws you will face in your next OCR Event


    • Train Burpees and Other HIIT Exercises which will explode your stamina and metabolic conditioning, required for faster times


    • Easily Stored, Can Be Used Indoors or  Outdoor, and Will Last Forever, meaning that if you are in a city, a park , a hotel or anywhere else, you will still be able to train at the highest level possible

See In 60 Seconds What You Can Do With The RAMroller

Brittan Morris

“Probably the Most Versatile Tool I’ve Ever Used”

Joe Touchet

“An Easy To Use, Extremely Effective Training Tool”

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It’s Like a Foam Roller, Slam Ball, Sandbag, Heavy Bucket , Log and Atlas Stone in 1 Tool…….. and it will never break or need to be replaced

Our Promise and Guarantee

The RAMroller was developed by 2 guys, Dermot Mc Ardle and JPMone, who were sick of having to replace their Slam balls, powerbags and sandbags year after year. There was no rocket science behind the product, it had to be a simple design, easy to use and IT HAD TO BE ABLE TO WITHSTAND THE HARSH IRISH WEATHER. When we gave it to Elite Athletes and Coaches, the feed back was that in addition to being a brilliant functional training tool, it was also a world class roller for myofascial release.. and the dual functionality was born. We hand make the RAMroller in our own factory, in Ireland, from recycled materials, and we currently make only 250 every week. Each RAMroller comes with a lifetime guarantee. If it ever breaks, we will replace it. The RAMroller is not for everybody, we understand that. We firmly believe that  It is only when you hold it, that most people ” Get It” . Taking this feedback on board, we now offer a 90 Day Trial period with every RAMroller we sell, and if at any time over those 90 days you feel like it’s not for you, we’ll pick it up and refund you your money. That’s our promise and guarantee.