Prepare Better For Your Next OCR Event

The RAMroller is a Heavy, Unbreakable, Versatile Roller that can be used anywhere. It is designed for people like you, to prepare better for the challenges you will face in OCR and Tough Events. Use it to make your body looser and pain free, improve your functional and grip strength, and develop unbeatable conditioning, stamina and resilience

Mike Mc Gurn, Elite Athlete and Olympic Coach

Uses the RAMroller for Warm ups, Recoveries, Functional Strength, and Core Training

Brittan Morris, Trainer at Atomic Athlete

Integrates the RAMroller to improve his clients mobility, Metabolic Conditioning, and Core Strength

Chris Bodman,Crossfit 

Uses the RAMroller for Activation, Deep Release, and as parts of his WOD

Joe Touchet, Movement Expert

Creates exciting flow and mobility routines using the RAMroller

Mark De Grasse, Fitness Consultant

Integrates the RAMroller to creates innovative movement based workouts for his clients

Justin Wrecker,Gym Owner

Uses the RAMroller for pre workout rolling,  advanced core training, and recovery

Mickey Mc Kenna, PT and Group Fitness

Uses the RAMroller to train lots of people in small spaces

Christine Mc Mahon, European Sprinter

Uses the RAMroller for 10 minutes everyday to compliment her training program

Billy Stokes, PT+Group Fitness

Creates innovative and intense exercises and workouts for his clients using the RAMroller

“We understand that to make the RAMroller successful, we need to educate trainers on how to use them. I’d like to Invite you to take our free online course where you will discover 100s of  innovative  functional and mobility exercises that will easily integrate into your program, and make it better” Dermot Mc Ardle, Founder